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I struggled when I started my entrepreneurial journey.

For the first 8 months, I had No clients and No sales!

I lost money and wasted a lot of time that I could have used for other productive activities.

I posted daily and stayed online checking if anyone would be attracted by what I posted, but it was mostly a wasted effort.

I knew others in my niche were excelling at attracting their potential customers, so I copied them, but still I ran into challenges I couldn’t  figure out on my own.

This led me on a radical search for the secrets used by successful business owners to attract customers online. 

I signed up with a coach who made millions online, but I had to pay through my nose for it.

When I put his strategies to work in my business, I immediately saw tremendous results.

Some of the strategies I learnt worked, while some failed. 

With the NEW knowledge I acquired, I’ve been able to consistently hit my financial target online.

Since then, a lot of people struggling with the same challenge, have approached me to share my secrets with them.

so, in order to help others, I put together this book.

In it I shared all the secrets I learnt that WORKED.

 My desire is to help other business owners build their business and attract customers, so that they don’t struggle like I did.

The A-Z of Customer Attraction teaches 26 fundamental secrets of customer attraction. 

These strategies, if adopted and applied to your business, will uniquely position your brand to get the attention of paying customers.

This Book Is For You If You Struggle With

What You Will Gain


That you would be able to take care of your bills and expenses.

That you can expand your business and become a preferred brand choice of customers.

All these are possible, if you implement the strategies I share in my book.

However, it is all up to you to take action towards the future you want. 

Get the book to learn and implement the strategies that have worked for several business owners. 

your investment For The Book is


Who It Is For?

This book is for Business owners & entrepreneurs in every niche who strongly desire Financial Increase, Business  Growth and Impact. 

Reasons You Should Buy This Book Today...

Every day you don’t take action to build your business, you are essentially LOSING opportunities, while your competitors are making money.

In other words, every day you’re not implementing one of the strategies I teach …

  • You are limiting your potential to earn more from your business.
  • You are loosing money to your competitors. 
  • You’re allowing those that are not half as talented as you are, to be richer, because they took action to build their dreams… 

And the sad part is, you don’t even realize it – if not, you would have clicked on the button to buy the book already!

I want to help you build your business by teaching you how to attract customers that will pay you for your product or service.

With this, you get to reap the satisfying reward of making lots of money.  

It’s not hard to do. You just need to follow the ‘simple’ strategies I teach.

So, if you are at a crossroad now, you have 3 choices:

Choice #1: Do Nothing & Stay Stuck

You can forget about everything I’ve told you today… go back to doing what you’ve always done… and get what you’ve always gotten.

Watch all of your friends or competitors make more money, take over YOUR market share and steal all your customers because you failed to learn how  to attract paying customers to our business. 

Choice #2: You Could Forget About Me & Start Looking For Another Solution

There are lots of coaches out there claiming they have helped business owners double their profit, but these coaches do not have any business success they can accredit to their names.

If you trust them, then go with them. 

… or, you could make the smart choice and go with the 3rd option…

Choice #3: Buy the e-book & Grow Your Business

I assure you that it will be the best money you have ever spent. 

Try my strategies on your Business and take note of how much money comes in for you.

I know the option I would choose…

I would buy the book to achieve spectacular results.

The only question now is, “Are you ready to make that choice and improve on your life and business?

If you’re ready for success… Buy the book NOW!

About The Author

Cynthia Oye-Isang is a bilingual Business Consultant and Coach with over a decade and half experience in business. She held several positions in organisations across different sectors, before venturing into entrepreneurship.

She is the Principal Consultant at Pro’Cot Management Concepts, and currently the Chief Executive Officer of the Bayelsa Specialist Hospital. She is also the founder of Girlpreneur9ja, an initiative that focuses on nurturing young female entrepreneurs.

Drawing from her wealth of experience, she has authored two business books, and helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses through her executive coaching and online courses.

Cynthia Oye-Isang

Satisfaction Guaranteed

My No#1 priority is teach you how to attract customers and drive sales for your business. 

You will learn the secrets that have earned me 7  figures.

However, you NEED to apply the strategies in the book to get results.

It has worked for many business owners, and I guarantee it will work for you too, if you APPLY the strategies.


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