The Ultimate Course For Your Young Business To Scale and Excel Profitably--- Specially Designed For Nigerian Businesses in The Nigerian Economy.

Is this you?

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"The Startup and Scale Pill"

Designed To Help Young Businesses Excel Profitably Even In The Present Economy

The Start-up & Scale Pill is for businesses within 0-3 years. 
This is the critical stage of your business, and everything that happens here determines the future of your business.
This is also the phase of your business life where fear of uncertainty and failure mostly creeps in.
“How am I sure this will work?”
“What guarantees are there that I will become profitable?”
These are valid questions to ask yourself, but the answers lie in your ACTIONS.
Do you want to know what to do? You need the Start-Up and Scale Up Pill.

One of my clients told me her story

She started her business as a hobby. She got a sewing machine as a wedding gift, and when she got pregnant and quit her job, she started playing around with it. She did not know how to sew, but she could run straight lines on the machine so she made some curtains and bed sheets for her house. She used patches of leftover materials that she had at home, and her friends admired them when they came over, so she started taking orders. She didn’t have any big vision for the business; all she wanted was the petty income that came from it. She did not have any prior knowledge about starting a business either, so she just went with her gut and made up the rules as she went along.

In 6 months, just before she had her baby, she had so many orders that she could not meet up. She knew that by the time she resumed after her maternity leave, she would have to put some structure to things, but she was unsure of how to go about it.

Should she get a shop or keep working from home?

Should she outsource the sewing or employ tailors? 

If she employed, how would she structure their pay to ensure that they were productive?

Should she outsource delivery?

Should she hire admin staff?

How would she price her products?

She was so confused and needed help to develop a plan, and that’s why she came to me.

Does this sound like you?

Or are you thinking of starting a business, and need guidance to do that?

Here’s what the Start-Up and Scale Pill will give you:

Your investment: $150

meet the coach

Cynthia Oye-Isang is a bilingual Business Consultant and Coach with over a decade and half experience in business. She held several positions in organisations across different sectors, before venturing into entrepreneurship.

She is the Principal Consultant at Pro’Cot Management Concepts, and currently the Chief Executive Officer of the Bayelsa Specialist Hospital. She is also the founder of Girlpreneur9ja, an initiative that focuses on nurturing young female entrepreneurs.

Drawing from her wealth of experience, she has authored two business books, and helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses through her executive coaching and online courses.

Cynthia Oye-Isang

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