If you don't treat the symptoms, your business will die!

Every business  has the potential to crash, and yours is not an exception, unless you prevent and treat anti-growth symptoms

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then I’ve got exciting news for you.

The solution you need is in a box.

No joke!

Click below to peep into this box, and you’ll see what I mean. 

Oh, I know you’re wondering what sort of magic box this is, and since you’re not into magic, you’ll rather not. 

Well, it’s not a magic box, but don’t take my word? Why not click to find out yourself. 


Your business, just like every other business is vulnerable to challenges, setbacks, or even bad decisions due to lack of knowledge or poor judgment. 

Thankfully, most of these can be dealt with before they escalate and crash the business you’ve suffered to build right before your eyes.

The BUSINESS FIRST AID BOX is a collection of business solutions specifically designed to help result-driven business owners confront these everyday business challenges. 

It is suitable if:


-Accountability Capsule 

-Biz Growth Vitamins

-Start & Scale Up Pill


You have acquired all the knowledge you need to help you run a successful business from all the amazing coaches and experts out there, but you’re still finding it difficult to execute, and drive yourself to get results. You feel like you need someone to walk with you on this journey.

You have an amazing idea which birthed your business. You’ve worked really hard to bring this business to life, and spent money too. But, there are other things like your 9 to 5 and domestic schedule struggling for your attention as well. 

This is exactly why you need the Accountability Capsule (AC).


A few years ago, a friend of mine started a business. At that time, the business was all she could think of – she poured all her energy into it, and was doing well considering that she started with a small investment, but her revenue wasn’t as consistent as she would have liked it to be. 3 years down the line, she knew she needed more – her business needed to go to the next level, so she got a coach. All through the 8 weeks of the coaching program, she was fired up, she saw possibilities and new ideas that she could take advantage of. She started implementing even before the program ended, and she was so excited. The coaching program ended about a month ago, and when we met up last week we got to talk about her progress. Surprisingly, she didn’t seem as excited or as confident as when we spoke a month ago. By the time we got through our conversation, I recognized what the issue was – overwhelm and information overload.

She had so many ideas, but she didn’t know which ones to pursue. Her eyes had been opened to so many possibilities that deciding on an exact one was difficult. The ones she had started to implement worked in that moment but didn’t seem sustainable. And then there was still the everyday grind of business that she couldn’t get away from. She didn’t have access to the coach anymore, but she needed a sounding board. She thought of paying her coach for one-on-one continuous accountability sessions until she found a workable strategy, but the cost was too high. 

I realized that this is a problem several small businesses face – the one-man management problem, where the success or failure of the business rests solely on the owner. There’s nobody to share burdens or ideas with; mentorship from afar through books and free classes; etc., but nobody to really serve as a sounding board on a regular basis.

That’s what the Accountability Capsule (AC) does. The AC is specially formulated to help you through the everyday grind of life and business, and it is not beyond your reach as a small business owner, because it was designed with you in mind. Have you ever heard of a mastermind? Think of this as a mini-mastermind for small businesses.

What you’ll get:

Your investment: $25 monthly, payable quarterly; or $250 paid once annually. (Only 50 spaces available).


COVID-19 came and showed us how quickly our businesses could be upturned if they are not secured against challenges. How strong is your business immune system? Can it withstand changing times? Is it built on a solid foundation? How fit is your business and how quickly can it adapt to local and global transitions? Is your business growing steadily, or is it still in a hit-and-miss situation?

If you are not sure about the answers to these questions, then your business needs a dose of Business Growth Vitamins.

You take vitamins every so often to boost your immune system. Similarly, your business should be pumped with vitamins to boost its immunity against growth blockers, and hasten growth. Just as there are certain nutrients your body must have at any point in time, to be healthy, so there are certain strategies your business must adopt and imbibe in order to remain healthy and to grow continuously.

Business Growth Vitamins are those strategies and techniques that you can apply to your business consistently to keep it secure against any kind of challenges and changes, and to uniquely position it for rapid growth. These are timeless, tested and trusted techniques and strategies that have been used by both big and small successful businesses over decades, packaged together for you in a simple-to-understand format that you can refer to over and over.

Your investment: $120


The Start & Scale Up Pill is for businesses within 0-3 years. This is the critical stage of your business, and everything that happens here determines the future of your business.

This is also the phase of your business life where fear of uncertainty and failure mostly creeps in.

“How am I sure this will work?”

“What guarantees are there that I will become profitable?”

These are valid questions to ask yourself, but the answers lie in your ACTIONS.

Do you want to know what to do? You need the Start Up and Scale Up Pill.

One of my clients told me her story:

She started her business as a hobby. She got a sewing machine as a wedding gift, and when she got pregnant and quit her job, she started playing around with it. She did not know how to sew, but she could run straight lines on the machine so she made some curtains and bedsheets for her house. She used patches of leftover materials that she had at home, and her friends admired them when they came over, so she started taking orders. She didn’t have any big vision for the business; all she wanted was the petty income that came from it. She did not have any prior knowledge about starting a business either, so she just went with her gut and made up the rules as she went along.

 In 6 months, just before she had her baby, she had so many orders that she could not meet up. She knew that by the time she resumed after her maternity leave, she would have to put some structure to things, but she was unsure of how to go about it. Should she get a shop or keep working from home? Should she outsource the sewing or employ tailors? If she employed, how would she structure their pay to ensure that they were productive? Should she outsource delivery? Should she hire admin staff? How would she price her products? 

She was so confused and really needed help to develop a plan, and that’s why she came to me.

 Does this sound like you? Or are you thinking of starting a business, and need guidance to do that?

Here’s what the Start Up and Scale Up Pill will give you:

6-Module Course

Cost: $150

Perk: One Coaching Session

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