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This is exactly why you need the Accountability Capsule (AC).

Let me share a friend's story

A few years ago, a friend of mine started a business. At that time, the business was all she could think of – she poured all her energy into it, and was doing well considering that she started with a small investment, but her revenue wasn’t as consistent as she would have liked it to be.

3 years down the line, she knew she needed more – her business needed to go to the next level, so she got a coach. All through the 8 weeks of the coaching program, she was fired up, she saw possibilities and new ideas that she could take advantage of.  She started implementing even before the program ended, and she was so excited. The coaching program ended about a month ago, and when we met up last week we got to talk about her progress. Surprisingly, she didn’t seem as excited or as confident as when we spoke a month ago.  By the time we got through our conversation, I recognized what the issue was – overwhelm and information overload. She had so many ideas, but she didn’t know which ones to pursue. Her eyes had been opened to so many possibilities that deciding on an exact one was difficult. The ones she had started to implement worked at that moment but didn’t seem sustainable. And then there was still the everyday grind of business that she couldn’t get away from. 

She didn’t have access to the coach anymore, but she needed a sounding board. She thought of paying her coach for one-on-one continuous accountability sessions until she found a workable strategy, but the cost was too high. I realized that this is a problem several small businesses face – the one-man management problem, where the success or failure of the business rests solely on the owner. There’s nobody to share burdens or ideas…Nobody to serve as a sounding board on a regular basis.

That’s what the Accountability Capsule (AC) does.

The Accountability Capsule gives you access to expert business coaching.

And it is not beyond your reach as a small business owner, because it was designed with you in mind. 

Have you ever heard of a mastermind? 

Think of this as a mini-mastermind for small businesses.

What you’ll get:

Your investment: $25 monthly, payable quarterly; or $250 paid once annually. (Only 50 spaces available).

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